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Caleb de Casper - Femme Boy (LP)

Caleb de Casper - Femme Boy (LP)

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'Caleb De Casper’s debut album, Femme Boy, is a heat-seeking missile aimed at your underpants. And like any good weapon of mass libido, it has the power to make you both uncomfortable and aroused, often at the same time. Unabashedly sexual and unapologetically queer, De Casper struts through 12 songs ranging from glammed up synth-pop in “Danny You’re a F*ckboy” to gloomy ballads like “Never Home,” lamenting the real-world pain and alienation that comes with not fitting in. All delivered with an unflinching, sometimes shocking honesty, that can make even the proudest libertine blush.'- KUTX

 'Blowing open doors with gale-force sexuality, Caleb De Casper struts through a 12-track wardrobe of songs portraying himself as a powerful object of desire, making men go crazy and kneel down to kiss his high heels.'- Austin Chronicle

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