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Fabulous Downey Brothers - VR

Fabulous Downey Brothers - VR

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The second release from Plum Creek Records & Tapes! We partnered with Pecan Crazy Records, Soft As Milk, and Throw Pillow to bring you this limited run blue cassette tape!

Release Date: September 1, 2023

Armed with matching uniforms and a wall of flat screen televisions, the Fabulous Downey Brothers create an outlandish, absurdist onstage spectacle. But don’t mistake the extravagant presentation for an exercise in style over substance. For FDB, style and substance are interlocking gears of the hyperactive ambition of their wildly catchy music.

FDB proudly piles on the audio/visual bells and whistles to create their albums and kinetic, multimedia live shows. What they don’t say with words, they communicate with colors, tones, shapes, and synchronized moves that deconstruct the customs of rock band performance. With a huge body of songs and videos that regularly wrestle with nihilistic and techno-centric themes, FDB is both funny and no joke – their stuff leaves you laughing while looking nervously over your shoulder, deathless melodies lodged inescapably in your brain.

The Fabulous Downey Brothers’ fingers are firmly, expertly planted on the pulse of a forbidding digital world, striving to make musical sense (and artful nonsense) of it for the rest of us. The resulting translation is surprisingly relatable, disarmingly profound, and best played on repeat.

Live Band:

  • Sean Downey - bass guitar and lead vocals
  • Chandra Farnsworth - lead vocals
  • Crow Ross - drums
  • Tyler Fiala - synthesizer
  • Jackson Leavitt - guitar [Fight Milk]
  • Liam Downey - lead vocals [So Pitted, Miscomings, Mold Mom and Wi-Fi Cellphone Kidz]


  • Josh Chin - lights
  • Daniel Kelleher - projectionist
  • Riley Walund - press representative
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