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Single Lash

Single Lash - Providence (LP)

Single Lash - Providence (LP)

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Nicolas Nadeau audaciously bares all as the frontman of Austin’s preeminent shoegaze ensemble Single Lash on their debut LP Providence out October 26, 2018. Heavy walls of effects drenched guitars and synthesizers back Nadeau’s dejected vibrato and woefully honest song writing, epitomizing the art of crestfallen chic. Single Lash delivers introspectively satiating songs that emote the existential struggles of heartache and loneliness through thick layers of feedback draped across a driving rhythm section. Providence is the breakout effort from Single Lash, captivating audiences with a seductive embrace while offering an engaging and cathartic release.

Nadeau’s music, fashion and art aesthetic developed in early adolescence and left him at odds with the traditional surroundings of suburban San Antonio. Providence is a reference to his escape to art college in Rhode Island where he set out to craft his talent for painting and visual art. Nadeau did not anticipate the intense gravitational allure of the local noise and experimental music scenes which quickly inspired him to start playing guitar and writing songs. Nadeau naturally evolved a texture based approach to guitar, echoing the ubiquitous effects of the post-punk and industrial bands that first piqued his interest in music. Nadeau’s lyrics became the therapeutic outlet to navigate his lifelong feelings of isolation, adopting the moniker Single Lash from the outset. After releasing several solo demo tapes and relocating to Austin, Nadeau expanded Single Lash into a band, recruiting talented multi-instrumentalists such as Neil Lord of Thousand Foot Whale Claw and Future Museums. Single Lash is now fully realized and orchestrated, featuring a dynamic cast of accomplished musicians and innovative arrangements that broaden Nadeau’s songs into compelling and polished works.

Providence is Nadeau’s pursuit of genuine self-examination. There is an underlying confession throughout the album’s eight tracks, eloquently expressing the pain of regret with poetic and humble exposition. The charismatic lament of songs like “Broken Tongue” and “Unheard” is profoundly candid and broadly accessible emotional territory that carries a visceral and personal appeal. Gracefully embodying the true essence of the lyrics, Single Lash’s lush instrumentation vividly contextualizes the nuanced hues of Nadeau’s voice with intuitive reply. Acoustic 12-string guitar and piano on “Shredder Orpheus” and “Visitations” complement the sustained trails of fuzz and reverb while bass and drums hold down a smooth and catchy structural anchor. Single Lash’s dense subject matter is conveyed through unabashed pop melodies and irresistible hooks on “Frozen Honey” and “Come True” giving the listener immediate satisfaction while instrumentally descending into tone authorship. From powerful lyrics and meticulous musicianship to the ominous cover art by Nadeau himself, this album is the culminating effort of Single Lash to establish themselves as an important new voice in underground music.

Like many great songwriters and performers who came before, Single Lash has ingeniously dialed into the tribulations of the human condition. Nadeau’s poignant persona and musical artistry make Providence a destructively beautiful and rewarding master work. 

Guitars and Vocals: Nicolas Nadeau
Drums: Neil Lord
Bass Guitar and Keys: Justin Sweatt
Bass on “Shredder Orpheus” by Max Parott
Keys on “Shredder Orpheus” by Neil Lord
Engineered and Mixed by Ian Rundell
Produced by Single Lash
Mastered by Joshua Eustis
All songs written and performed by Single Lash
Lyrics by Nicolas Nadeau
Original Art by Nicolas Nadeau

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