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David Barr

Yfel Tree - Coronation Of The Root / Inhumation Of The Canopy (CA)

Yfel Tree - Coronation Of The Root / Inhumation Of The Canopy (CA)

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New cassette direct from the artist!

Deep within the blackened marsh rises a grim curse of invocation from the tarred maws of the bog shaman cult. Harried into communion by the profane, shuddering bellows of the horn of harvest, they convene to beget the woodsend foretold. The muck laden rite thickens oppressive with a trill curse of apostasis rending the murk with a desiccate wale upon the slough. Sprung from the glistening gash, biting and reaving, the thorn of crowns heralds the inexorable end. Benighted intones the grisly curse of genuflection, retched with enlivened fury as a bristling cloak of shattering envelopes, hastening the reptant brown’s spread upon the land. Born of the girdling death, the adumbrate bloom withers all that remains...grayed and life excised, the invert throne binds its unending rule of ruin.


Tracks contain low end frequencies which will not be heard on small speakers (such as those on a mobile phone or earbuds). Use a playback system capable of sound reproduction of frequencies under 50-40hz for full experience.

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